The project is now hosted on see gheja/captchaz.

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Chaptchaz requires PHP + GD (with TTF support), and uses a list of 2500 words (6-8 characters long each), collected from random pages of the English Wikipedia.

How to use it?

Simply download the captchaz.class.php, the font and use the Generate and Check methods of the class.

Both have an optional "realm" parameter, which should be used if there are multiple instances of this captcha in the page at the same time. (For example: if the Contact form has one, and the Forum form has one at the same time, on the same page, then captcha generator should be called with something like Captchaz::Generate("forum"), and checked with Captchaz::Check($user_input, "forum"), and the other one for contact with Captchaz::Generate("contact"), and Captchaz::Check($user_input, "contact").)

Here is an example form and form processor: captchaz-example-form.php.
Here is an example image generator: captchaz-example-image-generator.php.