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Captchaz - a free captcha generator php class


early-ssh - Unlock LUKS encrypted crypto devices, assemble/manage mdadm RAID arrays over SSH at boottime

Bootsplash 3.1.6a patch for Linux kernel 2.6.30

		Download "Bootsplash 3.1.6a patch for Linux kernel 2.6.30" (81 563 bytes)

Get disk serial numbers easily in the following format:
/dev/sda AA123456
/dev/sdb BB456789
Download "" (1 037 bytes)


Forwards new lines from file to email or sms
Download "Logforwarder" (1 022 bytes)

Lunar date

PHP script to calculates the time on the Moon (aka. Lunar Standard Time) as proposed by
Download "Lunar date" (2 268 bytes)

Minimal Debian Linux

A very minimal Debian Linux, bootable CD Image.
Download "Minimal Debian Linux" (1 388 544 bytes)

Munin Lite shell script

A Munin Node in shell script.
Download "Munin Lite shell script" (1 003 bytes)

MySQL backup

Dumps every database to files (and compresses using gzip) with the format:
Download "MySQL backup" (1 014 bytes)

Case insensitive natural sort/comparison C/C++ function

		Download "Case insensitive natural sort/comparison C/C++ function" (1 146 bytes)


Watches file for new lines and shows the count of lines (ideal for apache log watching, shows the number of requests per second).
Download "Watcher" (611 bytes)